Don’t Be Rude; Welcome 2023

by Jan 1, 20230 comments

The days of raucous New Year’s Eve parties filled with debauchery and well-earned hangovers have been replaced with PJs, binge watching, and a fight to stay awake until midnight. I’m not sure when this rite of passage quietly slipped into my life but there’s no part of me that spends the evening with FOMO. In fact, the idea of spending New Year’s Day as an alert, earlier riser without booze emanating from my pores is a welcome life change.

However, what I’ve realized about this anti-ritual way of welcoming the new year is that it’s pretty rude. While I’ve been navigating 2022, 2023 has been waiting patiently to welcome me with promise and possibility. Instead of excitedly introducing myself to the new year and shaking its hand with reverence for all that it willingly offers me, I intended to ignore it like a sulky teenager fixated on her phone.

Think about it, on January first I am given the gift of 365 more days to laugh, learn, evolve, achieve – and breathe. Yet, instead of pulling out a chair and offering that gift a seat at the head of the table, I’ve relegated it to the kid’s table where it can be easily ignored.

In a way, I’ve prided myself on dismissing New Year’s resolutions and downplaying the fanfare around a new year. I’ve always been a “one-day-at-a-time” kind of chick and New Year’s Day was just another day. But it’s not just another day. New Year’s Day has been waiting for me to cross the finish line of 2022. It wants to congratulate me and award me with 365 more days because it’s proud of me and believes in me. 

So, whether I must take a nap, or God forgive, drink coffee after 5:00 pm, tonight I am committed to welcoming 2023 with the deference it deserves. I will be bright-eyed and bushy-tailed at midnight with an outstretched arm ready to give 2023 a firm handshake and a humble hug. I will remind myself of what I did to get there and the promise that welcomes me as 2023 opens its door.

At the stroke of 12:00 am, join me in wrapping your arms around 2023. Let’s welcome her with an open heart.

Lisette Cifaldi, LISW-CP is a psychotherapist, empowerment coach, and public speaker. Learn more at