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Are you tired of tying so much of your happiness to your physical health and appearance? Are you craving inspiration and motivation beyond weight loss – beyond physical health markers?

Beyond the Body Workshop is a unique opportunity to tap into deeper sources of self-inspiration. It’s a vibrant community of women connecting virtually to kick off a personal campaign to unearth hidden gems of personal wisdom, insight, and motivation.

You will read thought provoking materials, watch uplifting videos, engage in stimulating conversation, connect with others, and walk away with a renewed self-appreciation.

Session One

VISION AND VALUES: Core values are the guiding principles in our life and inform the decisions we make. Living misaligned from our core values creates inner conflict that can have us feeling off-balance. In this session you will identify your core values and aspects of thinking and behaving that may be incongruent with those values. You will also pinpoint ways to live your core values with greater intention.

Session Two

A DECLARATIVE NARRATIVE: We tell the story of our life in almost every conversation we have. Our narrative influences our personal belief systems and our behaviors. Is your narrative empowering or self-limiting? What are the hidden mantras in your life that limit your potential? Explore the power of the words you use knowingly or unknowingly and harness the strength of a renewed narrative.

Session Three

SPIRITUALLY SPEAKING: Our spiritual language is the conduit to our deepest contentment and unencumbered joy. Transcending religious and spiritual beliefs, the language of our spirit is what helps us to make sense of it all. How does your spiritual language speak to you and how can you purposely cultivate that language? How can you put yourself in the places and situations to let that language sing?

Session Four

PERSISTENCE WITH RESISTANCE: Whenever we aren’t engaging in a behavior that we know is good for us or we’re not doing something that would move us towards our goals, resistance is involved. Resistance is the wind that keeps blowing out the embers of motivation. Learn how to identify and eliminate resistance so that you can build momentum needed to energize change.

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*$60 per session or $200 for all four AMAZING sessions

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